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Arum Lilea: February 2013

Monday, 18 February 2013

Weekend Casual

Glasses: Ray-Ban | Top:  YDE | Belt: Mr Price | Skirt: Mr Price | Shoes: Cotton On (loving these)

I love this skirt.  I don't wear it enough.  A casual, relaxed weekend was the perfect occasion to pull it out again.  

Have a great Monday!


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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Arum Lilea's Guide: What to wear for Valentine's Day

Mr Price shirt | ribbon from a fabric shop | YDE dress worn as a skirt | Michael Kors watch
Sass Diva bracelet

Stressed over finding the perfect outfit to wear for Valentine’s Day?  Never fear for an Arum Lilea Guide is near.

To begin, make sure you are comfortable.  If you’re going on a date, chances are you don’t know where you are going so you need to be prepared for anything.  Don’t wear your shortest, tightest, hottest dress if you think you might be going for a 5 course meal.  By the end of dinner you will be regretting your tight choice.  It will also be problematic if you’re surprised with a picnic and have that embarrassing realisation that your dress is too short to sit on the ground.  Rather be safe & pick something with a little more length and room to move around.

It’s a special day so why not play with a different texture of fabric.  Bring out your tulle skirt or try something with a little bit of lace for an added feminine touch.  I’m a real traditionalist when it comes to colours on Valentine's Day.  I love to see red everywhere.  This doesn’t mean you need to dress head-to-toe in it if you find it too bold.  A red belt, shoes or red nails are great ways of incorporating the colour into your outfit.  These are also perfect ways of jazzing up your perfect LBD.

Personally, I love heels.  My go-to outfit will always have heels however I have learnt from experience (my unpredictable boyfriend who loves surprising me) that they are not always practical.  A good idea would be to pack flats in your bag if your date is anything like mine.

What about make-up?  Less is more ladies.  Men don’t like it when you leave your whole face print on their shirt.  Red lips might be a very tempting way of adding the colour to your outfit, but you will regret it when your Valentine’s smooch leaves you both looking like vampires.  A touch of foundation, blush, winged eyeliner, lots of mascara and a great lipgloss will have you looking gorgeous in no time. 

As for your hair, leave it loose, add some waves and you’re ready for a perfect night out.
I hope these tips help!  Let me know what you think


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Monday, 11 February 2013

Feature: A Little Dash of Darling

Today I'm so excited to be able to feature Caitlin from A Little Dash of Darling.   This newly married sweetheart is a law student living in Southern California with her husband and her dog.  She has an incredible blog that I fell in love with straight away and she has style that I envy.  I asked her a couple questions so that we could get to know the gorgeous blonde behind the blog a little bit better.

 1.      What inspired you to start your blog?
I am in my third year of law school and life as a law student can get pretty intense. I was desperately needing a creative outlet and I have always been passionate about fashion (cliche to say, I know). But it truly has always been something that's been fun for me. No matter what it's always important to do things for yourself that make you happy. With this blog I can let my creative juices flow and focus my energy on something that I actually enjoy (sorry law school, it's not you haha). But I REALLY am enjoying my blog! And I hope my readers are too.

2.      How long have you been blogging for?
I finally grew the courage to start my blog this past October. I had been thinking about it for over a year but between planning our wedding (without a planner) and law school I just never found the time. Finally, I just decided... what better time than NOW?

3.      What are some of your favourite items in your closet at the moment?
I recently just purchased a FABULOUS white tulle tutu skirt that I just feel is the epitome of feminine flair! When I was younger I refused to let my mom buy me a skirt unless it had "twirlability." I still have that little princess inside of me and this skirt lets me bring it out full force. My first love (besides my amazing husband of course) will also always be my Chanel purse. It was that one big purchase item I had been dying over but knew I had to wait for. It just has that special place in my heart!

4.      Who and where do you find your outfit inspiration from?
I find inspiration everywhere. Music can suddenly change my mood which comes out in my style. I also love finding inspiration on other blogs as they are a great source to see a new take on how to wear your favorite shirt! Pinterest is also amazing because not only can you draw on other bloggers for inspiration, but you can create mood boards and color boards (which I love to do)!

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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Top Knot & Polka Dots

Pick 'n Pay blouse | H&M skirt and heels | Michael Kors watch | Purse from Thailand

Hi Girls!

I've been wearing my hair in this top knot all week.  It's such a great way for taking a break from styling with heat while still looking like you've made an effort.  I love this look with a bold lip in the evenings too.

As for the polka dots... it's becoming a dotty obsession.

Have a great weekend!


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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Floral Print & Peplum

YDE dress | Zara peplum top | Forever New bag | Europa Art shoes | Michael Kors watch | Sass Diva

It was such a typical summer weekend this past weekend.  We spent lots of time outside swimming, having relaxed lunches, morning workouts and sunset walks.  It was bliss.

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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Monthly Round-up

I don't know where January went!  It was such a great month and I've been lapping up all this summer time fun.  February always has lots in store.  It's Valentine's Day which is always so much fun.  I love seeing all the cards, mugs, teddies and chocolates in the stores.  It's Grant's birthday and I probably get more excited about his birthday than my own.  February also brings some changes into my life this year as I will be starting my masters degree at university.  I'm going to be doing an LLM in Public International Law, a field of law I have always been fascinated by.  So exciting!

Have a super month!

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